novotegra - The Ideal Solution for Every Type of Roof

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For pitched and flat-roof systems, for clamping and insertion systems – we have made sure that our installation system meets the highest requirements. Our mounting system is as versatile as the wishes of our customers are diverse. This is why we have clearly organised the pitched roof area for tile, corrugated, and sandwich roofs into our novotegra top-fix and novotegra side-fix product lines. The mounting channel for the novotegra top-fix rail is located at the top and for the novotegra side-fix rail at the side.

novotegra for tiled roofs

Clamping system: quick and easy to install

Standard and concrete roofing tiles: novotegra matches any tile roof perfectly. Either top-fix or side-fix – novotegra ensures simple and fast installation. The reliable clamping technology means that the modules can be mounted quickly and securely, vertically or horizontally, in a single layer or crosswise.


  • A proven, reliable and stable system
  • Top-fix or side-fix mounting channel 
  • Very good rear ventilation

The insertion system: stable, secure and attractive

Our insertion system for tiled roofs is distinguished by its elegance and good looks. By adjusting the substructure to perfectly fit the roof, you get a great-looking photovoltaic installation on a retractable system. Slide mount rails are available in pure aluminium or black to match the module frame colour. Sophisticated technology ensures safe and efficient installation.


  • Fits all types of roof tiles
  • Top-fix or side-fix mounting channel 
  • Stable roof hooks for any requirement, single cast or triple adjustable

novotegra for beavertail roofs

novotegra top-fix – the solution for beavertail tiles

A specially designed set of roof hooks is used for installation on a plain tile roof. It consists of a base profile and a bow screwed into it. The bow goes between the two tiles, not under the tile.


  • Triple adjustable roof hooks
  • The mounting rail also serves as a cable duct
  • No need for plain tile roofing sheets

Classic meets modern – beavertail with insertion system

Looking for a mounting system for photovoltaic panels for a double-pitched plain tile roof? When you choose our slip-on system, you receive stability and security of the highest quality and at the same time an attractive appearance – matching the delicate plain tile cover with its timeless beauty.


  • Attractive and distinctive design
  • Efficiency and speed through insertion technology and prefabricated components
  • Slide-in mounting rails in clear aluminium or black

novotegra for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs

A sophisticated, safe, stable and durable system

Our system variants – your choice! With the novotegra clamping system, enables the modules to be fixed both vertically and horizontally using module clamps. In addition, various shortened profiles are available, mounted directly on the trapezoidal metal sheet roof. You can also choose a solution with mounting rails to ensure an even load distribution and neat cable routing.


  • Quick top installation
  • Only one installation tool required
  • Simple and secure – fastening directly to the trapezoidal sheet metal

High quality on a trapezoidal metal roof

With the novotegra insertion system, you can mount your photovoltaic modules directly on your trapezoidal sheet metal roof using a floating installation system that keeps them free of tension while also offering great security and sturdiness. Whether the slide-in rails are mounted with trapezoidal clamps or shortened profiles, each module is well ventilated from the rear. 


  • Attachment directly to trapezoidal sheet metal

  • Slide-in mounting rails in clear aluminium or black

  • Quick installation by simply sliding the modules in place

novotegra for corrugated Eternit and sandwich roofs

Safe and stable, proven and flexible

The installation of our mounting system on roofs covered with eternit corrugated panels and sandwich panels is done with double-threaded screws. They are available in a variety of diameters to suit different mounting heights, insulation thickness and purlin spacings, and steel and timber purlins. By installing an additional layer of rails, the modules can also be mounted vertically.


  • Very good ventilation of the modules from rear 
  • For purlins made of wood and steel
  • Also suitable for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs

Ideal for roofs with eternit corrugated and sandwich panels

A quality system which has been proven for years, tweaked down to the finest detail, the novotegra retrofit system enables secure and stable mounting of photovoltaic panels on every roof covered with eternit corrugated and sandwich panels. In both the top and side channel variants, the modules can be mounted securely and quickly vertically or horizontally. 


  • Attractive and distinctive design
  • For purlins made of wood and steel
  • Safe, stable and durable system

novotegra for seamed metal roof

Ideal for seamed metal roofs

Our clamping system, which has been proven over many years, provides a reliable, stable and secure fixing for photovoltaic panels on any standing seam metal roof. Our mounting system is clamped directly onto the seam. The load is then centrally introduced into the seam.


  • Fewer components – all pre-assembled
  • Quick top installation
  • The mounting rail also serves as a cable duct

Perfect appearance and high efficiency – the insertion system for standing seam roofs

With the combination of extended standing seam clamps and proven slide-in rails, our insertion system provides efficient standing seam installation and a refined look at the same time. The standing seam clamp design enables non-destructive attachment to the standing seam flange, yet simple direct attachment of the rail to the slide-in assembly using the proven standing seam clamp hooks.


  • A subtle appearance of the installation thanks to the slip-on system
  • Slide-in mounting rails to match the module frame
  • Fewer components – faster installation

novotegra for flat roofs

Our flexible mounting solution with east-west orientation

Do you expect a flexible installation and simple ballasting of your flat roof system? Then our East-West I flat roof solution will be perfect for you. In addition to our regular base rails, we offer two more installation options: in the gravel rail variant, existing gravel is used for ballasting the photovoltaic plant and the base rails with washers enable horizontal drainage.


  • More kilowatts per unit of roof area
  • Stability and flexibility thanks to cross linking
  • Can be laid at a distance of only 0.5 from the edge

Our east-west solution for your flat roof

Our East-West II mounting system allows you to make the most of your flat roof space. It enables the installation of modules with almost twice the surface area of traditional south-facing modules. The East-West II novotegra mounting system is a very safe and stable system for flat roofs up to a pitch of 5° – and is also quick and easy to install.


  • Installed without penetrating the roof sheathing
  • Rails with washers for horizontal drainage
  • Only three clamps for all frame heights

Our flexible mounting solution for south-facing installation

Flexible, stable and proven – that's our closed South I installation system for flat roofs! It is easy to assemble, versatile, and very stable. The substructure is made up of base rails that are cross-connected to the underlying module support rail. At the same time the base rail serves as a ballast chamber and for fastening the module carrier rail.


  • Installed without penetrating the roof sheathing
  • Individual adaptation to roof specificity
  • Can also be used with gravel-filled base rails

Our solution for south-facing systems

Our closed South II system for flat roofs – the perfect solution for installing south-facing panels on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 5°! This closed system is distinguished by simple and quick assembly, consisting of a small number of individual elements that are clipped into each other without the need to penetrate the roof sheathing.


  • Wind resistance tested in a wind tunnel
  • Very low ballast requirements
  • Optimum tilt angle 13°
    Bartosz Kica
    Sales Specialist
    BayWa r.e. Solar Systems sp. z o.o.